How to setup the Internet on the Netgear XR300 Wi-Fi Router by using

Steps to login

The Netgear Setup Wizard XR300 internet setup wizard is the device that detecting the internet settings of the router automatically. The following are the steps to set up the Internet setup Wizard of the Netgear XR300:

  • In the foremost case, you will need to launch the web browser into the computer device that is connected to the internet connectivity of the router.
  • Go to the location bar of the browser as the to get access to the login setup page of the router.
  • The admin login arrangement of the router will appear on the screen.
  • Here you will need to enter the login credentials of the router.
  • If the user doesn’t have the login credentials then type the admin as the default username and password. The login dashboard will appear on the screen.
  • Go and select the settings then setup wizard options.
  • Then go to the radio button options, Yes or No. Then hit the Yes button.
  • In the last step, your system will start searching for the internet connectivity that connects to the internet connection for the servers and the protocol that determines the internet configurations.

Netgear Router Setup

Netgear XR300 Wi-Fi Router

Ways to Reserve LAN IP Address For Netgear XR300 Wi-Fi Router

To reserve the LAN IP address the user will need to specified the Netgear router computer device that receives the same IP address to access the DHCP server of the

  • In the foremost case, a PC or cell phone that connects with the router arrange to navigate the internet browser.
  • Enter the location as You will get a login window on the screen.
  • You need to enter the username and secret key for the switch.
  • Go and Select the settings > Setup > LAN arrangement here.
  • Click on the Add button in the location reservation area. The address reservation page will show on the screen.
  • You can either include a device that recognize by the router or you can include the custom device.
  • Select the radio button for the device which is identified by the router and accessible in the location reservation table. Here the fields of IP Address, MAC Address, and Device names populated with the data from the location reservation table.
  • In the IP address field type the IP address to appoint to the PC or server on genie.
  • The MAC address field type the MAC address of the PC or server.
  • In the field of the device, name type a depiction for the PC or server.
  • Then you will need to click on the include button now. Here the LAN arrangement page will show again and the location is gone into the location reservation table on that page.
  • In the last step click on the apply button to save the settings here.

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Netgear XR300 Wi-fi Router new

Best Position for the New Netgear XR300 Wi-Fi Router (

To Access the Netgear router network within the range of the wireless network. Keep placing the router within the 20 feet with the range of the sight. To enable the devices that connects with the router by using the web address login. The login Arrangement of the router is essential to get a solid sign for getting a charge out of the system inclusion with no interruptions. Numerous elements are affecting the inclusion of the system and sign streaming inside the zone. You are working your PC or different devices connected with a router.

Here are some of the important point to position the New Router:

  • In the first step Attempt to put the Netgear router close to the focal point of the zone where the PC and different devices works.
  • Always place the router within the scope of the AC electrical plug and close to the Ethernet connections of the wired PCs.
  • Then you will need to place the in the raised area. Attempt to limit the dividers and different interruptions coming in the middle of the router and different devices.
  • Make sure that you are placing your router away from the electrical devices such as the Ceiling fans or the home security system.
  • One more thing places the router away from the large metal and the glass surfaces to the insulated walls.

Things to be remembered while placing the router:

  • Access the Wi-Fi network point that will place the router in the range of the home signal.
  • Check the signal passing through the number of walls and the thickness.